On May 2015, we joined to global partner of OROS Noise and Vibration Testing Systems (www.oros.com)

OROS is a global manufacturer and solution provider of noise and vibration measurement systems: Instruments, Software and Services. Designing and manufacturing rugged and real-time noise and vibration analyzers with efficient software solutions, OROS is a leader in rotating analysis.
Whatever the machine under test, gas and steam turbines, generators, hydro turbines, wind mills, fans and blowers, OROS provides all the vibration tools from acceptance tests to diagnostics.
•    Rotor vibrations measurements: orbit, shaft centerline, spectra, bode and polar plots.
•    Roller bearings diagnostics: FFT-Diagnostics tool using envelope demodulation.
•    Balancing rigid and flexible rotors (single/dual plane or multiplane modules)
•    Torsion: measure and analyze rotating speed fluctuations (acyclism) and torque.
OROS also provides tools for Structural Dynamics, especially ODS(Operating Deflection Shape) and end winding bump testing on generators.



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