Following more than three decades of activity and experience in the field of equipping the quality control and research laboratories like universities, research centers, earthquake research centers, vehicle research centers; we hereby announce that having represented the following companies as Technical Services distributer and a group of experienced experts, AFICO is capable of providing the succeeding systems:

  • Innovatest Company (Netherlands - Various range of testing machines: hardness (universal, micro hardness, portable, Shore), metallurgical microscope, profile projector, roughness, thickness, etc.
  • Solarnix Company (Switzerland - all raw materials for the manufacture of solar cells activated with Dye Sensitized, solar cell, testing systems and solar simulators.
  • Universal Testing Machine
  • Corrosion Fatigue Testing System
  • High Force & Large Scale Testing System
  • Different kind of Impact testing equipment
  • modernization of Testing systems  (+98) 21 22325560-3