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NEMESIS 9000RS™, represents the latest top of the range development of high speed production Rockwell hardness testing. Modern design, innovated technology, multipurpose hardness testing instrument, based on the application of precision mechatronic components. A superior level of precision combined with advance graphic images for maximum test procedure control. Unparalleled GR & R results.

The NEMESIS 9000RS™ represents Rockwell hardness testing at the highest possible standard.
Aircraft engine parts, automobile parts, production lines, general quality assurance and laboratory use,
are all fields covered by the NEMESIS 9000RS™.

•     Rockwell (HR) ISO 6508, ASTM E 18
•     Vickers depth measurement HVT VDI/VDE 2616-1
•     Brinell depth measurement HBT VDI/VDE 2616-1
•     Ball indentation hardness (H) (ISO 2039-1) (plastics)


•    Rockwell standardizing Hardness Tester
•    Exceeds, ISO, ASTM, JIS (Nadcap) standards
•    Rockwell, Superficial Rockwell, HVT, HBT & Ball indentation for plastic ISO 2039/1
•    Superior range of test loads/force application ranging from 1kgf/9.8N to 250kgf/2.45kN
•    Fixed workpiece position (no spindle)
•    Descending test head with automatic workpiece detection
•    Extended indentor base with high force clamping attachment and indentor protection
•    PC based INNOVATEST IMPRESSIONS™ hardness testing firmware and database file system, standard
•    Large, adjustable 15’’ industrial touch screen
•    Built-in industrial SSD hard drives offer nearly endless file storing
•    LAN, WLAN, USB-2, RS-232, Printer and DVI connectivity
•    Optional: On board built-in driver for motorized Y-stage (Jominy testing) or X-Y stage (Pattern testing)
•    Free definable test patterns case depth, traverse, free style, etc. (optional)
•    Machine covers made of shock, damage and fire proof recyclable ABS
•    Large range of optional accessories
•    Large test piece accommodation H=380mm, D=220mm  (+98) 21 22325560-3