Articles List - Azma Fanavari Iranian Co.

  1. Screw off the screw on the enclosure.
  2. Hold on the spring sleeve to make sure it cant fall down. take off the main frame of the instrument from the upward side of the enclosure.
  3. screw off the load adjusting screw until the cross recesses projects from the main frame.
  4. invert the instrument. prevent the spring and plunger from falling down. screw off the lock nut and take off the full scale adjusting screw.
  5. take off the previous indenter and put on a new one. screw the full scale adjusting screw. make the indenter reveal 5mm from the bottom of the frame.
  6. test on the glass sheet and take the maximum reading. Do not over load to avoid the indenter over deflecting. if the indicator exceeds 110, the dial indicator will be damaged. adjust the full scale adjusting screw until the indicator points at 100.
  7. screw the lock nut. re-inspect full scale value.
  8. Inspect and calibrate the indication.
  9. Re-fit on the instrument and inspect the full scale and indication.  (+98) 21 22325560-3